Methodist in the Media

Methodist blood clot survivor and vascular surgeon featured on KETV Chronicle segment focused on Heart Month

Published: Feb. 19, 2024

Nicole Schlueter, 45, an active, busy mom of two suffered a pretty terrifying incident almost five years ago that she came out of A-OK. After brushing off a host of bizarre symptoms, she finally caved and made her way to MWH ED. That’s where imaging unveiled a massive clot in her leg, which had broken off, traveled to her lungs and ended up encasing about 90% of her heart.

After an emergency vascular procedure with Dr. Anjan Talukdar at Methodist Hospital, she was able to go home four days later on nothing more than blood thinners. All of her physicians are in disbelief that she survived and has ZERO lasting health issues as a result of the clot.

Nicole felt it was important to share her story as a reminder – especially for women – to listen to your body even if you’re living your healthiest life. Dr. Talukdar stresses the importance of time in an event like this and how we all can take steps to avoid a such a life-threatening event.

KETV: Chronicle: Heart Month