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Methodist Colon and Rectal Surgery Team Welcomes Dr. Hernan Hernandez

Published: Nov. 12, 2021

Hernan Hernandez, MD, was in sixth grade when he met the care team that healed his ill father and navigated his family through one of the scariest times in their lives.

“It was just amazing what they were able to do,” Dr. Hernandez said. “When he went from his sickest back to himself almost, I thought, ‘I’d love to be able to have the chance to do that for other people.’”

As a colon and rectal surgeon with Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Hernandez has a special interest in treating cancers of the colon and rectum. But no matter a patient’s diagnosis, his favorite part of the job is helping people feel better and live life more fully.

“The more day-to-day conditions, like hemorrhoids, can really affect people’s quality of life,” he said. “So, you get to really help people even when it doesn’t seem like it’s a huge problem.”

He’s proud to be part of the Methodist family and work for a health system he’s long felt drawn to.

“I was fortunate enough in residency to get to train at Methodist for several months, and it’s just a different atmosphere from the second you walk through the door,” he said. “The greeters, valet, custodial staff, physicians and nurses. Everyone understands there’s one goal here, and that’s taking care of the patients.”

Dr. Hernandez wants each of his patients to know this: They won’t leave his office without experiencing The Meaning of Care.

“They can always be sure that I’ll be completely honest with them. I’ll talk to them about the risks, benefits, the pros and cons. Their opinions, their worries, their concerns will always be respected. We’ll talk through it all. I’ll make sure the communication is as clear as it can be, and I’ll really try to build their trust.”

Dr. Hernandez enjoys spending his free time with his wife – Methodist Physicians Clinic internist Melissa Hernandez, MD – and their two children. He also enjoys playing basketball, swimming, biking and running – “really doing anything outdoors that keeps me physically active.”