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Methodist Fremont Health Leaders Look Back on a Year of the Pandemic

Published: March 15, 2021

Shaun Custard remembers the tears.

Staffers gathered in hallways as a COVID-19 patient was wheeled out of Methodist Fremont Health.

The patient had been in the hospital for more than a month with staff working hard to help him win a fierce fight against the deadly virus.

Now, Custard saw the tears that flowed down staffers’ faces, behind their masks.

“For the staff to see one of the first COVID patients to leave the hospital alive and reasonably healthy at that point really made an impact on everybody,” said Custard, vice president at the hospital. “It was a memorable moment.”

It was a victory for healthcare workers facing a daily test of resilience.

Since March 2020, they’ve had to persevere to help patients stricken with the mysterious virus which a year later has claimed the lives of more than 527,000 Americans.

Looking back, administrators recounted the staffers’ teamwork, compassion and heroism.

Fremont Tribune: Hospital leaders look back one year after start of pandemic