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Methodist Survivor Show: Fashion, Fearlessness and Inner Beauty

Published: March 16, 2020

For Lindsay, treatment meant a double mastectomy at 34, following a 2018 breast cancer diagnosis. After learning her cancer was invasive, she underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy beginning in January 2019. 

Knowing she would likely lose her hair, the mother of three young boys turned to the team at Inner Beauty, a specialty salon for cancer survivors at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center (MECC). Inner Beauty’s clinical cosmetologists and board-certified mastectomy fitters are specially trained to care for cancer’s difficult side effects, especially those targeting the skin, nails and hair. 

“When you lose your hair, it’s part of your identity,” Lindsay said. “Finding a new identity is hard. They help you discover who you are now. The team kept ordering wigs and didn’t give up on me until we found the perfect one.”

The service is part of Harper’s Hope, a comprehensive cancer survivorship program based at MECC and available to everyone, no matter where they’re getting treatment.

When Lindsay walked in OFW’s Methodist Survivor Show, she not only celebrated her triumph over cancer but also supported an outreach that’s made a beautiful impact. A portion of the show’s proceeds benefits Inner Beauty and ensures that anyone who needs a consultation or services can get them without financial burden. 

“They want you to feel confident and happy,” Lindsay said. “They are your biggest fans.” 

The night of the show, Lindsay and more than 130 other survivors picked up even more fans with their fearlessness and fashion-forward flair. She hopes the show generates valuable support for Inner Beauty.

“The services they offer are priceless,” Lindsay said. “When you don’t know where to turn, you go to them.”

Photo by Daniel Johnson

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