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Nurse Eases the Pain of Goodbye

‘Thank you’

“This world needs more people like Daniel Gokie in it.”

Linda Brewer was a picture of strength as she read an emotional letter to a very special nurse and the staff of Methodist Hospital 6 North.

“I felt that he was the answer to the many prayers I had said over the past years of my husband's illness and imminent death,” read Linda. With Daniel by her side, she was finally able to say ‘thank you’ for the care and compassion he provided during the final days of her husband’s illness.

Enjoying the time left

Daniel Gokie, BSN, RN, LIMHP, first met Donnie Brewer and his family on November 1st. Donnie had been brought to Methodist Hospital in an ambulance just a few days earlier after increasing health struggles at home. He was in the late stages of a long battle with cancer.

“He was just at that stage of life where a terminal illness was really presenting itself at the end,” said Daniel. “The family wanted him to be happy. His kids were there and they wanted to talk and enjoy what time they had left together.”

Beyond the bedside

Caring for patients and their families is a part of The Meaning of Care for Daniel. For him, as it is for all Methodist nurses, treating patients goes beyond the bedside – and that makes all the difference for families like the Brewers.

“We’ve got a great team that works with us so the family can enjoy what time they have,” said Daniel. “We treated his symptoms and kept him comfortable so he could be present for the time he had left and share quality time with his family.”

“Donnie was a joker, and Daniel definitely stood out as just always having a smile,” said Linda. “He took care of all of us. He was always checking on us even if we didn't push the button. We felt like Donnie was his only patient.”

“Death is a lot like a birth. It’s one of those moments that everybody remembers. Everybody’s life is changed in that moment. You want people to be at a point where they are ok with that. You’re not just taking care of a patient, you’re caring for the whole family. It’s very humbling to see the impact that you are having on their lives.”

Daniel Gokie, BSN, RN, LIMHP
Methodist Nurse

By the grace of God

The Brewer family was so grateful for their Methodist experience, they felt that a higher power had been involved. 

“The ambulance was closer to Methodist and they brought us here,” said Linda. “I think it was by the grace of God that they did because of the love, personalization and the care we received here.”

Though Donnie left this earth just two days after Daniel first met the Brewers, the family was so touched by their experiences with Daniel that they nominated him for the DAISY Award, an award that honors nurses at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital. The award is part of a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates extraordinary skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. 

“We knew Donnie’s time was short,” said Linda, “but everything was just above and beyond what I could have asked for in his final days. It was all in God's hands. Everything I prayed for was right here.”

Read Linda's letter to Methodist hospital.

Nurses can be nominated by anyone, including patients, family members, physicians, supervisors or their peers for the DAISY Award. To nominate a nurse at Methodist Hospital or Methodist Women’s Hospital, visit