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Outstanding Care from Admission to Dismissal

A long medical history

Lanette Gleason knows a thing or two about hospitals.

A diabetic since the age of 12 who has also battled two autoimmune diseases, she’s seen her share of the inside of doctors’ offices.

“I have a rheumatologist and have been to Mayo,” said Lanette. “My condition didn’t quite fit the mold.”

But Lanette says a more recent medical challenge left her feeling very thankful for the care she received at Methodist

A tender issue

“I have a skin condition where my hair follicles scar over so I can’t grow hair,” said Lanette. “It’s kind of like alopecia. Last May I noticed a sort of a tender spot on my head that started to get larger.”

Treatment for what was initially thought to be a simple cyst turned into a diagnosis of squamous cell cancer.

“Doctors told me the immunosuppressants I was on for my autoimmune diseases made what was normally a slow growing cancer more aggressive,” said Lanette. 

She received a referral to Dr. Andrew Coughlin, a head and neck surgical oncologist at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center – a doctor she had actually seen a year earlier for parathyroid surgery.

“It was a good thing because we really liked him." 

Lanette Gleason
Patient of Dr. Andrew Coughlin

A partnership from the beginning

From the very first appointment, Lanette says she felt like her team of care providers at Methodist were on her side.

“They were all just so very reassuring,” said Lanette. “As upset as I was, they let me know they were going to take care of me, answered all the questions I had, and just made both my husband and I feel really at ease about what was going to happen.”

Surgery and recovery

Three weeks later, Lanette’s surgery date finally arrived. During the procedure, nurses kept her family informed with hourly updates. 

“It was all I could hope for with them coming out and letting me know everything is doing well,” said Lanette’s husband, Calvin. “We didn’t have to sit there for six to eight hours, wondering.”

And when it came to recovery, Lanette said she couldn’t have been happier.

“Everyone went out of their way to make me comfortable,” said Lanette. “The nurses were exceptional, but it wasn’t just the nurses. Even when the food service staff and housekeeping came in they asked if there was anything they could do for me. Even at 3 a.m., they went above and beyond.”

Saying “thank you”

Lanette was so pleased with her care, she wrote a letter to Methodist telling everyone how thankful she was for her experience.

“Surgery and hospitals are never a great place to be, but the people associated with Methodist Hospital from my admission to my dismissal were OUTSTANDING,” wrote Lanette. “Thanks to all of you for what you do!”