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A 'Thank You' to Our Patients

It’s not uncommon for Methodist patients to go out of their way to say “thanks.” Whether it’s through a heartfelt letter, a token of appreciation, an award nomination or a visit to say “thank you” in person, they never cease to amaze us with their kindness, devotion and gratitude.

We’ll never be able to fully explain how much each and every one of you mean to us, but as with anything, we’ll give it our best:


Thank you for your trust …

“The fact that our patients seek our help and confide in us at their most vulnerable times demonstrates trust. I am thankful for that.”
Patrick McCarville, MD, Methodist Physicians Clinic Valley

“You, our patients, guide administrative decisions that help us continue earning your trust. Thank you for being our inspiration and guiding compass!”
 Steve Baumert, president & CEO, Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital

… and most importantly, for choosing us.

“Parents have many choices when it comes to choosing a health care provider for their children. When parents grant me the chance to help their children, I am very grateful for that opportunity.”
Rosann Nichols, MD, Methodist Physicians Clinic Hawthorne Court

“I’m thankful to our patients for choosing Methodist for their health care needs. We are very honored to participate in their care. There are many choices in health care, and we are privileged to be their provider of choice.”
 Josie Abboud, president & CEO, Methodist Hospital & Methodist Women's Hospital

For reminding us why we’re here …

“Having a feeling of gratitude toward our patients is necessary, as it always reminds us that enhancing the lives of our patients is the very core of our profession. We are blessed to have the opportunity to care for others. ”
Matthew Latacha, MD, Methodist Physicians Clinic Westroads Office Park

… and the times you wished we were near.

“Two patients in one week changed me for the better. I was off one Friday, and when I saw them the following week, they both said to me, ‘I missed you on Friday!’ I didn’t realize my patients looked forward to seeing me like I look forward to seeing them!”
Katelyn Nygren, BSN, RN, Methodist Physicians Clinic Indian Hills

We thank you for making our dreams come true …

“Without my patients, I would not be able to be a physical therapist! Since I was a teen, it was my dream to be able to help people live better lives through the field of physical therapy. I am so thankful my patients believe in me and let me work alongside them.”
Julie Jessen, PT, MPT, Methodist Physicians Clinic HealthWest

… and teaching us that life is a gift, through and through.

“Every day I am reminded that life is truly a gift. I became a nurse so I could help people, but really, I am more grateful for how patients have helped me gain perspective in life’s hardest moments.”
Katie Holling, RN, BSN, OCN, Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center

You fill our cup, you’re a breath of fresh air …

“I absolutely have a sense of gratitude toward my patients. I love what I do, and without them, I would be empty.”
Andrew Coughlin, MD, Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center

… you’re why we are The Meaning of Care.

“Our patients are people seeking help – they’re not just another job in our day. That reminds us to always treat them how we would want to be treated, or how we’d expect our families to be treated.”
 Jill Jensen, PA-C, Methodist Physicians Clinic Risen Son

About the Author

Jessica Gill, a Content Strategist for Methodist Health System, is a former television news anchor and journalist. She has a passion for story-telling and illustrating Methodist’s Meaning of Care.

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