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Why Childbirth Ed?

D-Day is coming

Let’s face it. Having a baby can make even the most experienced parents anxious. As a childbirth educator, I’ve met new moms and dads nervous about everything from the labor and delivery to what life will be like after bringing baby home.

When it comes to welcoming a new little one into this world, there is a lot of information expectant parents need and want to know.

That’s why Methodist Women’s Hospital offers parents the opportunity to learn through Childbirth Education.

What you will learn

The goal of Childbirth Education is to ease the anxiety that comes with delivering a baby and make you more comfortable. It helps you know what to expect at Methodist Women’s Hospital, and how to create your personal birth plan.

Here’s my top 10 list of things you can learn:

  1. Prepare for the great unknown. Whether you’re a first time parent or welcoming a new sibling to your expending family, you will learn what to expect in labor, support and relaxation tips, post-delivery care and caring for a newborn.
  2. Get the facts. Sure, you can surf the web, read blogs, and get information from family and friends. However, knowing your options and feeling empowered to make your own decisions can eliminate fear and misunderstanding.
  3. Map out your own personal birth plan. Family-centered birth is not a new thing. But discussing your options and preferences ahead of time will give you more confidence and make communication easier with your team of professionals. 
  4. Group discussion. Learning and sharing with other expectant parents can offer a different perspective and potential friendships. Together, you’re embarking on a new and wonderful journey. Take advantage of the support a group class can offer.
  5. Partner involvement. Waiting rooms aren’t for everyone these days. Moms need support at the bedside, so the partner’s role is very important from labor to breastfeeding and beyond. 
  6. The Grand Tour. You will be able to check out the environment and see what the hospital has to offer. See the hospital room layout and where you need to go when the big day arrives. Preparation can make all the difference. 
  7. Know the signs. Learn when to contact your provider. Find out what is normal and when to make the call. 
  8. Practice ways to decrease discomfort. You can learn more about relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as position changes to decrease discomfort. Hands-on activities will let you take charge of how to decrease stress and increase confidence.
  9. Birth stories. Learn from the past experiences of others. 
  10. Learn that your birth experience is your very own. This will be a day that you will always remember. Replacing fear with knowledge and support can enhance this experience for you.

Learn what you need to know about your delivery experience by signing up for Childbirth Education. A full class list is available on our calendar.