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Why I Came, Why I Stayed: Integrity and Relationships Set Methodist Apart, Jen Anderson Says

Published: July 17, 2023

In “Why I Came, Why I Stayed,” you’ll get to know people who are making a difference every day at Methodist and how they contribute to providing The Meaning of Care. To explore career opportunities at Methodist, visit bestcare.org/jobs.


Jen Anderson, MHA, RHIA
Chief Compliance Officer
Methodist Health System


Tell us more about yourself and your background with Methodist.

I joke with people that I started at Methodist when I was 5 years old. Joking aside, I actually started in 2001 when I was in college.

At that time, I was attending College of Saint Mary and studying health information management (HIM). I was looking for a job in the field to get some “real life” working experience. I remember walking into the Human Resources office at Methodist Hospital and being overwhelmed with interviewing for this “big girl’” job. I had my interview with Human Resources first, and then the recruiter walked me to the basement (aka Garden Level) where I had my next interview with the HIM manager. I was offered the job at the end of the interview, which was awesome! I started working part time evenings in the HIM department, analyzing medical records and reminding physicians to complete their records. 

After graduation, I planned on leaving, but life had a different plan and I moved to a full-time medical coding position. I continued my education with some training in interventional radiology coding because Methodist was just beginning to make strides in these procedures and the coding was different. After a year or so, I became the medical coding supervisor and served in that role for over seven years.

As health care expanded, so did our department. The position of service leader of HIM was created, and I transitioned into that role and was there for another 10 years. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I was approached by several members of the legal and compliance team about an opportunity to move into the chief compliance officer role. In February 2020, I said yes to this new challenge, and here we are today.

While the job transition was not “normal” due to COVID-19, it has been an awesome experience! I get to work with some very smart and hardworking colleagues, and the days go by fast.  


What is it about Methodist that keeps you coming back?

Networking with amazing Methodist colleagues! One of the most painful but memorable experiences in my time at Methodist was when Methodist Hospital was building the new employee parking structure and staff had to shuttle to work. While this was painful in the beginning and frustrating to pull up to the lot and just see the shuttle bus pull away, it was one of the most memorable experiences for me because I met so many people in so many disciplines of the organization. 

I loved walking the halls and saying hello to all my new friends. We talked about the daily struggles and our families outside of work on our short 10-minute shuttle ride to work. That’s when I knew Methodist was more than a place to work. These people were my family!

I make that statement because it really is true. I have experienced so many milestones in my life while working here. I graduated college, married my husband, had my children – heck, I hired the shuttle bus driver to drive the bus for my wedding party! How do you not call these people family when they have been part of so many milestones?

The people in our organization are what keep me coming to work each day. While I love what I do, and this company has given me so many opportunities and experiences to grow, it’s the people who make me come back!


What else should people know about Methodist?

People need to know that Methodist is a great organization that allows you to grow. I’ve had many leaders over my 20-plus years, but all of them have pushed me to do more, to do better and to take chances. Not only is our leadership team pulling the potential out of each individual, but it offers support beyond. It might be as simple as an email that says, “Nice work, Jen,’ but it means a lot to know other leaders are taking the time to say something. We all know what it’s like to work hard. But to work hard and get praise and gratitude from all levels of leaders? That’s what sets Methodist apart from others. It’s our strong relationships and strong integrity!