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Amanda Dawson, MD, Joins the Methodist Physicians Clinic Plastic Surgery Team

Published: May 24, 2021

Plastic surgeon Amanda Dawson, MD, is now seeing patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

Dawson, who knew she wanted to become a doctor when she was 10 years old, recalls many dinner-table discussions of science and medicine with her mother, a retired pediatric dentist, and her stepfather, a practicing emergency department physician.

“Those discussions were always about particular disease processes,” she said. “And I was just enamored with that. I even recall my step-father teaching me how to suture at our kitchen table when I was in high school. He brought home some chicken breasts and some expired suture material, and he taught me how to throw some simple sutures right there at home.”

With a knack for art and science, Dr. Dawson blended both her passions when determining her specialty: plastic surgery.

“The best part of my job is when the surgery is complete,” she said. “When the patient is healed, and they’re finally reconstructed from whatever ailment caused them to have a deficit.”

The most rewarding part of her career came when treating a patient who suffered a devastating infection.

“She required multiple reconstructive procedures,” Dr. Dawson said. “But her fortitude and strength throughout the whole process really keeps inspiring me to this day to continue to do what I do.”
She’s also inspired by the teamwork and comradery her Methodist colleagues exhibit daily to provide The Meaning of Care.

“It’s about the care of the whole person,” she said. “It encompasses not only what you’re here to see us for, but what else is going on in your life that we can address to make your care here the best it can be?”
A country girl at heart, Dr. Dawson enjoys hunting and fishing. She and her husband love spending their free time outdoors and even named their son, Hunter, after one of their favorite pastimes