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Better Cancer Prevention and Treatment with Registry

Do you ever wonder how cancer statistics are collected? 
How doctors determine what cancer treatments are the most effective? 
Or how public health officials learn where clusters of cancer diagnoses are located?

It all starts with a Cancer Registry. Here at Methodist, we’re fortunate to support registries at Methodist Hospital, Methodist Jennie Edmundson and the Nebraska Cancer Registry.  

Supporting effective cancer research

Cancer registrars play a critical role in compiling information to support effective cancer research and treatment, the ultimate goal of which is prevention and cure. 

Cancer registrars work in a variety of cancer treatment and research settings. Their job is to collect, analyze and report cancer data. That information then enables cancer programs to measure treatment outcomes and survival, as well as to formulate plans for improvement.

Details on diagnosis, treatment and survivorship are collected for every cancer patient in the U.S. The information collected is reported, by law, to the state and federal government, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute. It’s also included in publications such as the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer.   

Outstanding achievement at Methodist

The Methodist Hospital and Methodist Jennie Edmundson tumor registries are accredited by the Commission on Cancer. Methodist is one of 22 programs nationally and the only program in Omaha to be recognized with the Commission on Cancer 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award. It’s something we’re pretty proud of.

The Nebraska Cancer Registry has been recognized the past 20 consecutive years by the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) for attaining the NAACCR Gold Standard for Quality, Completeness and Timeliness. They are also awarded the National Program of Cancer Registries Registry of Excellence.

The quality cancer data these registrars collect every day is central to the nation’s fight against cancer. They are the first link in capturing that data. 

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Marilyn Voss, MSN, RN, CCM, is the director of coding and clinical documentation at Methodist Health System.

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