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Community Counseling Staff Welcomes Mikayla Linakis

Published: Nov. 2, 2023
Portrait of Mikayla Linakis, PLMHP

For Mikayla Linakis, PLMHP, being a counselor isn’t just a job. It’s an extension of how she believes people should be treated.

“The clients I work with are human beings who need care and support just like anyone else,” said Linakis, who has joined the staff at the Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program. “I’m committed to meeting them where they are, really listening to them and building genuine connections to help them deal with their unique situations.”

Linakis is particularly interested in helping clients navigate trauma, anxiety, depression and relationship conflicts. She especially enjoys working with older teens and young adults. And she developed a passion for caring for military members and their families after her partner’s deployment opened her eyes to their need for mental health resources.

Whatever a client’s background or situation, “I show up as my authentic self,” she said.

“I often use humor and like to be goofy as a way to help my clients feel comfortable and to develop a relationship with them. That said, I’m also comfortable with confrontation and pushing them when needed. As long as my clients are willing to put in the work, I think I can be very helpful.” 

Outside of work, Linakis loves animals, music and food – “all things that rarely fail to brighten my mood.”