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COVID-19 Survivor Encourages Vaccinations Following Complications

Published: Sept. 13, 2021
Sarah Drummond with her son, Aiden

Looking at 36-year-old Sarah Drummond today, you’d think she’s just like any other young mom of a 2-year-old.

But talking with her, she’ll tell you the battle she faces is internal.

“I still get fatigued. I’m back to work eight hours a day but I’m still tired. I still get out of breath. I became diabetic from COVID,” she said.

In an interview with WOWT-TV, Sarah shares her incredible COVID-19 recovery story – from being intubated at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital to now back to her family and encouraging others to take COVID-19 seriously and get vaccinated.

WOWT: COVID survivor encourages vaccinations following complications