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Delta Variant Is Most Predominant COVID Strain in Iowa

Published: July 13, 2021

Health care officials say the Delta COVID strain is growing exponentially in the Hawkeye State.

Jeffrey Sartin, MD, an infectious disease physician with Methodist Health System, says this epidemic is only "over" for the people who have been vaccinated. For those who haven't been, there's still significant risk.

"What we're going to see going forward is little flare ups of infection among these people. It will be a fairly local phenomenon and probably in more rural areas and areas that don't normally have a lot of contact with the health care system on a regular basis," Sartin said.

Sartin says at least 50 percent of people infected with the virus is due to the variant, and he expects it to be the majority of cases going forward.

KMTV: Delta variant is most predominant COVID strain in Iowa