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Douglas County Hits Record Number of COVID-19 Cases in One Day; Experts Urge People to Reduce Their Social Circles

Published: Nov. 2, 2020

A new record of COVID-19 cases in Douglas County in one day has infectious disease specialists on high alert. And experts say we are going to see the number go even higher in the coming weeks.

“You have an event. That’s the stone being thrown into the lake and it just spreads. It’s just this cascading event,” said Dr. Jessica Jones, an infectious disease specialist at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

Dr. Jones said a lot of the new cases start with small groups.

“They are in a small group of friends to have a meal or drinks. It could be going out to bars and restaurants, wedding receptions, family reunions -- but the overall similarity has been they are indoors and they are not masking,” she said.

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