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Dr. Andrew Simms Joins the Methodist Physicians Clinic Infectious Disease Team

Published: Oct. 6, 2023

Andrew Simms, MD, is well aware of the impact that he and other infectious disease physicians can have on patients.

“We can cure diseases,” said Dr. Simms, who largely treats viral, bacterial and fungal infections at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “The day that a patient gets to stop treatment and gets a clean bill of health – that’s rewarding.”

Dr. Simms is trained to treat common infections – like strep throat and impetigo – and he’s also skilled at treating more severe infections in the blood, bones and joints. He especially enjoys working with patients with HIV, and he has a particular interest in antimicrobial stewardship, which involves the education and prevention of antibiotic overuse and resistance.

The most important part of his job, he said, is communication – asking the right questions and actively listening to really get to know each patient.

“Getting a good history and really understanding the story of where they’ve been, where they are now and where they’re going,” he said. “That’s key in understanding what’s going on with them, what they could be infected with and how best to help them.”

He’s continuously inspired by Methodist’s patient-centered philosophy – something he knew he wanted to be part of when he interviewed for his position.

“As I walked through Methodist Hospital, I noticed that all the physicians, nurses and support staff seemed so cordial with each other. I got the sense that they really enjoyed working together and that they were all working toward a common goal – improving the lives of their patients.”

When he’s not treating patients, Dr. Simms, who has two cats, enjoys spending time with his wife, especially outdoors. He likes to grill and play a variety of sports, including golf, disc golf and basketball.