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Dr. Ashley Sawtelle Joins Staff at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center

Published: Oct. 11, 2021
OB/GYN, Ashley Sawtelle, DO

As an OB/GYN, Ashley Sawtelle, DO, is living her lifelong dream. Joining the Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center staff only makes it sweeter.

“I had always dreamed of becoming a doctor ever since I was a young girl,” the Fremont native said. “And part of that dream was serving my community.”

Dr. Sawtelle went from flipping through her grandmother’s CNA textbooks as a child to working as a paramedic and then going to medical school on an Air Force medical scholarship. She discovered her passion for OB/GYN care – especially delivering babies and performing gynecologic surgery – during a rotation at Methodist Women’s Hospital.

“To be able to provide that care for patients throughout their lifespans is really special,” she said. “To be able to develop that relationship, to know about the patient, to maybe get to deliver their second child or their third child – it’s really been a rewarding career for me.”

Dr. Sawtelle wants her patients to know that she’ll combine the best evidence-based care with a compassionate approach – the same care she’d provide to a family member.

“Each patient is special and deserves to be heard,” she said. “They have unique needs, and I’m willing to listen to what those unique needs are so that we can find the best solution for them.”

When she’s not seeing patients, Dr. Sawtelle focuses on self-care through strength training, running, rowing and biking. She’s also big on family time – going on adventures to try new things, visit new places and “just explore all that life has to offer” with her husband and children.