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Dr. Avin Pothuloori Joins Methodist's Diabetes and Endocrine Specialists Team

Published: Nov. 16, 2021

Avin Pothuloori, MD, is committed to being a voice for diabetes and endocrinology patients. And as a diabetic himself, he can directly relate with many of them.

“It’s knowing what low sugar or high sugar feels like. Knowing what the patients are going through and being in their shoes,” said Dr. Pothuloori, who cares for patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “When I go through the disease process with them, it makes me want to advocate for them, and I truly understand a lot of the little things or nuances they deal with.”

Dr. Pothuloori also has expertise relating to pituitary disorders, thyroid disease, endocrine cancer care, reproductive endocrinology and chromosomal disorders such as Klinefelter syndrome and Turner syndrome.

“I like those challenging cases and putting the pieces together, trying to dig as deep as possible to help patients,” he said. “Oftentimes patients will reveal the answer if you just listen to them. So you develop those strong bonds with the patients.”

Those bonds, and the time spent building them, are what Dr. Pothuloori likes most about his work.

“I enjoy spending time with the patients, listening to them and using my networking skills, medical expertise and dedication to provide the best care,” he said. “I’m going to do everything I can to really provide them the best treatment.”

Outside of work, music is a big part of Dr. Pothuloori’s life. The once aspiring music producer plays the piano and tabla – or Indian hand drums. He also enjoys spending time with family, hiking, kayaking and being on the water.