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Dr. Gina Mentzer Joins the Methodist Physicians Clinic Cardiology Team in Council Bluffs

Published: Oct. 6, 2023

As an avid runner, Gina Mentzer, MD, has long been fascinated by how the heart works and benefits from exercise.

While she enjoyed studying these topics in college, it wasn’t until she rotated with a cardiologist in medical school that she decided to become one herself.

“I love the heart,” said Dr. Mentzer, who sees patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “It’s kind of a big deal. It’s the center of everything. Should you deny it, the rest shall fail.”

She enjoys all aspects of cardiology, but she’s most passionate about helping patients prevent and manage heart disease. She’s completed specialized heart failure and transplant training, and she takes great pride in bringing expert cardiac care to smaller western Iowa communities through Methodist’s outreach efforts.

“The people there become like family,” said Dr. Mentzer, who grew up in central Nebraska. “You’re part of their community. Even if you’re only there one day a month, you’re available to them every day.”

With more than a decade of experience providing direct patient care, she said she was drawn to Methodist for the same reasons many of her colleagues were – its mission and values.

“It values the patient. It values the physician. And it values the patient-provider relationship enough to give us all the resources we need to help others. It’s a family, and it’s extremely positive.”

Outside of work, Dr. Mentzer – a Boston marathoner – and her husband enjoy running together and keeping up with all their children’s sporting and 4-H activities. As a family, they enjoy fishing and participating in several area county fairs.