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Dr. Josh Edgar Joins Methodist Primary Care Team in Fremont

Published: Aug. 31, 2023

Whether he’s working in the clinic or hospital, internist Josh Edgar, MD, values the relationships he’s able to build with each patient.

“In primary care, the relationship between the patient and the doctor is incredibly important,” said Dr. Edgar, who is now caring for patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic and Methodist Fremont Health. “I want my patients to truly trust that I’ve got their best interests in mind, and I want to be able to trust that they’re also working toward a similar goal. Outside of that, it’s just getting to know them as a person. In the end, we’re all working toward the same thing – to lead a long, happy, healthy life.”

When caring for hospitalized patients, the dynamic can be different, he said, but no less important.

“You’re getting to work with them during a point in time when they’re going through something hard,” he said. “It’s potentially one of the hardest things they’ve gone through. So that’s also a powerful relationship, even if it’s not spread out over months and years.”

Dr. Edgar is passionate about preventive medicine and educating patients so they can avoid or manage conditions and prevent more serious issues.

“That’s what’s going to set you up for success,” he said. “The things you can diagnose now, and the things you can start doing to work toward prevention – that’s going to be what pays off 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Even if it’s something as simple as getting your blood pressure under control now. If we prevent you from having that heart attack or stroke, that’s a huge win for everybody involved.”

Outside of work, Dr. Edgar enjoys spending time with his wife, children and pets. He and his wife stay active by playing volleyball, and he also likes tackling home improvement projects and yard work.