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Dr. Kara Markin Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Internal Medicine Team

Published: Jan. 13, 2022

Kara Markin, MD, had an unusual path to becoming an internal medicine physician.

After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked for an expedition company in Chilean Patagonia. Markin became interested in search and rescue, so she returned to the U.S. and earned her emergency medical technician (EMT) certification – working in a hospital emergency room in the process.

“I wanted to know more about what happened to the patients and why, so I decided to pursue medical school,” said Dr. Markin, who has joined the staff at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “It’s something I found later in life as a second career, but I love what I do.”

Dr. Markin especially enjoys women’s health and is certified in Lifestyle Medicine – using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to help prevent, treat and reverse chronic conditions. She believes in an approach to health care that’s built on trust and collaboration.

“I think it’s very important that we’re two people working together toward the same outcome,” she said. “I love the relationships that I get to make with patients. And I especially love it when there’s something that we get to do together that helps them overcome an obstacle with their health and we see success.”

Dr. Markin loves spending time outdoors with her husband and two children. The family enjoys hiking, camping and tending to their chickens and bees. Her hobbies also include CrossFit, running, reading and gardening.