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Dr. Mathew Lukey Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Family Medicine Team

Published: Sept. 15, 2022

After growing up in a small town outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Mathew Lukey, MD, knew he wanted to have an impact on a tight-knit community.

And now as a family medicine physician with Methodist Physicians Clinic in Glenwood and Malvern, Iowa, Dr. Lukey has that opportunity.

“I look at family medicine as being the gatekeeper of medicine,” he said. “Usually, patients come to us first for their needs, and it’s our responsibility to either address those needs right then and there or find someone who can address them better.”

Dr. Lukey knows the importance of building solid connections with patients.

“When a doctor and patient work together, that’s when you get the best results,” he said. “Building trust and establishing that rapport and relationship with the patient allows them to open up and really tell me what’s going on.”

He enjoys guiding patients through lifestyle modifications to help resolve chronic issues. And he likes having the opportunity to see generations of the same family and following them through life.

Dr. Lukey also has a particular interest in outreach initiatives.

“I like getting out and doing community initiatives,” he said. “I feel like that’s a lot of family medicine, getting out there and doing outreach projects for smaller communities.”

Outside of work, Dr. Lukey enjoys spending time outside – specifically hiking and biking —and traveling with his family.