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Dr. Max Chiu Joins Methodist's Radiation Oncology Team

Published: Sept. 20, 2021

Max Chiu, MD, envisioned becoming a physician at an early age. One of his earliest memories is from kindergarten, when his teacher asked students to draw themselves in their future profession. Chiu still has the drawing of himself as a doctor.

Inspired by his father, a radiation oncologist, Chiu promised himself he’d keep an open mind throughout medical school. But his training sealed the deal.

“Radiation oncology still appealed to me most because of the variety of treatment modalities and technologies used, the close relationships developed with patients, and the combination of art and science that can be employed in cancer treatment,” Chiu said.

When it comes to oncology, he’s proud to be part of Methodist’s multidisciplinary team of experts that gives patients the opportunity to be “drivers of their own care.”

My role is to provide my patients ​with​ all of the information at hand, as well as my treatment recommendations, so that they can make well-informed decisions,” he said. “I will always respect their wishes and the decisions they make.” 

He admires the Methodist culture and believes The Meaning of Care involves a compassionate, holistic approach.

“This means caring for them socially, mentally, emotionally, physically and any other way that they may need,” he said.

In his free time, Chiu enjoys traveling, playing tennis, breakdancing and visiting his family – his parents live in Lincoln, and his sister, a fashion designer, lives in Los Angeles. The self-proclaimed “car enthusiast” also dabbles in photography.