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Dr. Mollie Brittan Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Pulmonology Team

Published: Aug. 28, 2023

Mollie Brittan, MD, became interested in medicine at a young age because her father is a physician.

“I thought it was cool how much he enjoyed working with his patients and how everyone in town knew him,” she said.

As a pulmonologist with Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Brittan enjoys building trusting relationships with her patients and their families.

“Most people don’t want to be defined by their illness, so being able to bring other things in their life into the conversation can be very helpful for establishing that trust and helping them feel comfortable with you as a provider,” she said.

She’s particularly interested in obstructive lung diseases – such as asthma and COPD – and interstitial lung disease. She also has a passion for working with critical care patients.

“Getting to see them in the ICU when they’re the sickest they’ve been in their life, getting to know them and their family, and hopefully get them back to a healthier place and back to where they can enjoy their life again is rewarding.”

Dr. Brittan believes that medicine is “a lifelong art.”

“Things are always changing and updating, so you constantly get to refresh yourself,” she said.

Outside of work, Dr. Brittan enjoys running, watching sports, reading and spending time with her border collie, Dash.