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Dr. Nicole Liebentritt Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Neurology Team

Published: Sept. 9, 2022

Neurologist Nicole Liebentritt, MD, believes that strong communication is essential to providing the best patient care.

“I take a collaborative approach,” said Dr. Liebentritt, who cares for patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “I really want the patient invested in why we’re doing what we’re doing. And if they’re not comfortable with that, I invite them to tell me. Sometimes a person is uncomfortable because they don’t understand why you want to do a certain thing, so I want to eliminate that as a potential roadblock.”

As she’s educating patients on their treatment options, she’s also building meaningful relationships.

“I probably most enjoy the interactions with the patients, getting to know them and their stories, and following them over time,” she said. “They’re not just a patient with a specific neurologic problem. I like knowing about them as a person – what makes them tick and what’s important to them, because that all plays into their care going forward.”

With a more complete picture of a patient’s needs, “I do my best to come up with a good treatment plan that makes sense for both of us, and something that’s doable.”

Outside of work, Dr. Liebentritt can be found spending time with her family. The self-described “sports fanatic” cheers for the Husker football and volleyball teams. She also enjoys listening to and playing music, and has played the piano since age 5.