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Dr. Praveen Jinnur Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Pulmonology Team

Published: June 14, 2022

During his high school biology classes, Praveen Jinnur, MD, quickly learned that each organ plays a unique role in our body. But he was specifically attracted to the lungs because of their intricate makeup.

As a pulmonologist and sleep medicine physician with Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Jinnur understands the importance of a patient-centered approach to care. Because many lung diseases are chronic, he believes that effective treatment and long-term management are most successful if he has strong relationships with his patients.

“I don’t make my own decisions for the patient,” he said. “For every condition, there are a lot of different treatment options that exist, and I like to work on a patient-centered approach where I give them all the possible options and let them choose what they like.”

Dr. Jinnur developed an interest in sleep medicine after discovering that many people with pulmonary issues also had sleep disorders.

“Because sleep takes up about 30% of our life, it’s an important part of our day-to-day life,” Dr. Jinnur said.

“A lot of heart and lung conditions are linked directly to sleep issues.”

He’s also interested in cases of asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, autoimmune lung diseases, pulmonary vasculitis and lung neoplasms.

Outside of work, Dr. Jinnur loves traveling and exploring new places with his family.