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Dr. Stephanie Harris Joins OB/GYN Team at Methodist Physicians Clinic

Published: Feb. 17, 2022

Whether it’s helping patients through puberty, pregnancy, their postpartum journey or menopause and beyond, Stephanie Harris, MD, FACOG, enjoys caring for women through every stage of their lives.

“All of these life transitions are important and can be confusing or daunting, so I really enjoy helping women navigate those transitions with education or treatment,” said Dr. Harris, who joins Methodist Physicians Clinic as an OB/GYN.

She grew up around medicine because her mom was a nurse, but Dr. Harris credits her high school biology and anatomy classes for inspiring her to pursue it as a career.

Dr. Harris enjoys the balance of working in the clinic and hospital as well as the opportunity to build lasting relationships with her patients.

“I really try to get to know them as a person,” she said. “What their family life is like, what their work life is like, because all of that plays into what our treatment plan is going to be and what’s going to work best for them.”

She considers the most important part of the provider-patient relationship is the ability to listen respectfully.

“Traditionally, women have had a difficult time feeling heard or feeling validated in their health care,” Dr. Harris said. “We may not know exactly how to describe something or what’s causing our symptoms, but nonetheless, women know their bodies and deserve to be heard.”

Dr. Harris is proud to work for a health system dedicated to women’s health.

“Methodist’s women’s services have set the bar for OB/GYN care in the Omaha metro area, so it’s really exciting to be a part of that team and help uphold that reputation,” she said.

Outside of work, Dr. Harris is a busy mother of three boys and can often be found outside playing games or attending sporting events. She also enjoys trying new restaurants with her husband.