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Mariah Davis Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic Pediatrics Team

Published: July 5, 2023

Inspired by her mother – a nurse – Mariah Davis, MD, knew at a young age that she wanted to take care of others. Taking care of children is something she fell in love with during medical school.

“There’s really nowhere else that you get to see that level of growth and change throughout the years – from a newborn all the way up to an 18-year-old,” said Davis, a pediatrician at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “Every day is kind of new and different. I like to see kids on a routine basis, get to know them and their families, and learn about their goals for the future.”

Davis, who’s also a certified lactation consultant, is passionate about helping mothers and babies navigate their breastfeeding journeys. She also has an interest in pediatric mental health and is trained to treat anxiety, depression and ADHD. Connecting with young people – and on their level – she said, is key to their overall health and well-being.

“Talking to children like they’re people and that they know their own bodies and have their own answers goes a long way in establishing a relationship with them.”

Davis is dedicated to educating families and including them in the care she provides.

“To me, The Meaning of Care means focusing on the individual while recognizing that they’re more than that,” she said. “When they come to me for care, they bring in their educational background, social background, economic background and – especially in pediatrics – their family background. So, it’s focusing on the whole person to provide the best care possible.”

When Davis isn’t caring for children, she’s spending time with her own. She and her husband especially enjoy taking their two kids to area parks, walking trails and farmers markets.