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Methodist Gynecologic Oncology Team Welcomes Dr. Jennifer Ducie

Published: March 14, 2022

Jennifer Ducie, MD, who grew up helping her father – an electrician – with various projects around the house, became interested in medicine at a young age. Her fascination with handiwork and tools inspired an early interest in surgery. And a young friend’s leukemia diagnosis later piqued her interest in cancer care.

But it wasn’t until years later as a medical student that she discovered a more specific calling: a career in gynecologic oncology.

“It’s multifaceted,” said Dr. Ducie, who sees patients at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. “It allows me to practice medicine, surgery, but also empower women, advocate for women, deliver social services and really treat the entire patient.”

Dr. Ducie is particularly interested in treating endometrial cancer and is skilled in sentinel lymph node mapping as well as laparoscopic, robotic and open surgical approaches. But her favorite part about being a physician is building meaningful relationships with her patients while providing them the level of care they deserve.

The Meaning of Care, to me, means delivering exceptional care without exception to every individual – in every patient encounter. It means delivering passionate care, compassionate care, and making sure that the patient in front of me feels like they’re the only patient I’m taking care of.”

In her free time, Dr. Ducie enjoys running and spending time with her husband and children. As a family, they enjoy playing Candy Land, reading books and playing in the yard.