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Methodist Physicians Clinic Adds Dr. Thomas Langdon to Its Cardiothoracic Surgeon Lineup

Published: Nov. 4, 2022

Thomas Langdon, MD, developed a passion for cardiothoracic surgery during medical school rotations.

“Of all the rotations, that appeared to be the most challenging and most intriguing to me because of the physiology, anatomy and the opportunity to do surgery,” he said.

As a cardiothoracic surgeon with Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Langdon wants patients to know that he’s just one part of an extensive team dedicated to their health.

“A lot of pieces have to come together,” he said. “All the way from cleaning an operating room to having the right supplies. It’s a real team sport. And knowing my colleagues and Methodist Hospital, I think this is an excellent place to deliver on all of that.”

Dr. Langdon has practiced as a surgeon for over 30 years, and he’s intrigued by the changes he’s seen within cardiothoracic surgery.

“Not only the technology, but the pharmacology and the equipment have evolved greatly over time to make it better, safer and more efficient,” he said.

He believes that the most enjoyable part of his profession is “the opportunity to touch a lot of lives in a very meaningful way.”

Outside of work, Dr. Langdon enjoys outdoor activities such as bicycling, downhill skiing, rock climbing and fishing.