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Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency Welcomes Dr. Fleming

Published: July 31, 2019

OMAHA – Dr. Natalie Fleming’s decision to pursue a career in medicine stemmed from a high school science teacher who not only taught her the basics of biology and chemistry, but also “gave me the confidence to continue to pursue my passion.”

In working with children at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency, Dr. Fleming looks forward to the unexpected joy that every day brings.

“Children, themselves, are so unpredictable,” she said. “They are so truthful, and you never know what’s going to come out of their mouths.”

While she’s always loved children, it wasn’t until she was given the opportunity to work as a medical assistant with her own pediatrician that she decided to specialize in pediatrics.

She received her medical degree from the Creighton University School of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Dr. Fleming is proud to join Methodist Health System – an organization known for providing the highest level of care for all walks of life.

“It starts when my patients are in their moms’ bellies,” she said. “Their needs are assessed from the very beginning.”

She is humbled to serve as a reliable and compassionate resource for patients and their families.

“Parents are trusting me to care for their tiny little person who can’t speak to us but clearly has needs and an opinion. It’s my job to help translate that for families.”

Dr. Fleming also recognizes that The Meaning of Care goes deeper than medicine. She understands the importance of a person’s emotional health, and she believes the emotional well-being of parents or caregivers is key to the emotional well-being of children.

“I know that as a parent, your job can be very rewarding but also exhausting,” she said. “So checking in with my families, too, to see how they’re doing at each visit. That’s important.”

Dr. Fleming is now seeing patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency (10060 Regency Circle). Appointments can be made by calling (402) 354-1325.