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Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency Welcomes Dr. Vacha

Published: July 15, 2019

OMAHA – Dr. Maria Vacha wasn’t always drawn to medicine. After earning a master’s degree in theatre and acting in several Omaha productions, Dr. Vacha fell in love with the idea of medicine during her first pregnancy. She met an obstetrician who encouraged her to follow her dreams of “really making a difference in the world.”

She said, “That is who I wanted to be. If I could do for other people what he was able to do for me, that’s what I wanted to do.”

The rest was history.

Having interests in many areas of medicine, Dr. Vacha decided to specialize in family medicine and has joined the team at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency.

She received her medical degree from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. An Omaha native, she traveled home to complete her residency at Clarkson Family Medicine.

Dr. Vacha describes herself as a lifelong learner who’s completed 28 years of school, “but who’s counting?” She looks forward to continue learning from her patients while being a part of a health system that puts patients’ needs first.

“I would like my patients to know that it is a huge goal of mine to build a trusting relationship – a long-term relationship – with mutual respect between us. I’m interested in having a collaborative approach to their problems and reaching their goals.”

Dr. Vacha also brings a holistic approach to providing care at Methodist, realizing her patients are more than just bodies that need to be taken care of. She also considers their minds and souls when devising treatment plans.

“Being effective in what you’re doing and how you’re caring for someone is really understanding that whole dynamic of a person,” she said.

She believes that is what lays the foundation for strong relationships that yield positive results. She teared up as she called to mind one of those relationships with a young patient.

“When she first came to see me, she was super shy, very depressed, was having a really hard time in school. I started her on a medication to help with that. She was only on it for a year, and it just helped change her mindset – gave her confidence. She bloomed in front of me, and now she’s going to college.”

Dr. Vacha is now seeing patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency (10060 Regency Circle). Appointments can be made by calling (402) 354-1500