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Methodist Physicians Clinic Welcomes Dr. Luke Lansman to Its Family Medicine Team

Published: Sept. 7, 2022

Luke Lansman, MD, carried around a toy stethoscope as a 3-year-old. But he didn’t realize until high school that that medicine was his calling.

“I took my first anatomy and physiology class, and that was really when I discovered the fascination I have with how our bodies work and how we’re designed,” he said. As a family medicine provider at Methodist Physicians Clinic, Dr. Lansman – a former athlete – is particularly interested in musculoskeletal conditions but enjoys treating various health issues in patients of all ages.

“The variety of things we get to do in family medicine and the big impact we can have on people’s lives from the minute they’re born until the end of their life is something that I really value,” he said.

The best part of his job? The close relationships he gets to build with patients.

“Understanding who they are and what’s important to them is absolutely crucial to their overall wellness and helping them feel better in every facet of their lives.”

He feels privileged to be part of the Methodist family – a group of individuals that inspires him to provide The Meaning of Care every day.

“It’s about really getting to know somebody as a person to determine what can help them the most.”

In his free time, Dr. Lansman enjoys staying active and being outdoors.