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Methodist Physicians Clinic Welcomes Pain Specialist Dr. Jery Inbarasu to Its Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Team

Published: Nov. 1, 2022

Jery Inbarasu, MD, got his first taste of the medical world at an early age by following his dad – a former chaplain – as he rounded hospitals in India. But it wasn’t until high school that Dr. Inbarasu became interested in life sciences and the idea of applying them to help people.

As a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at Methodist Physicians Clinic’s Indian Hills and HealthWest locations, Dr. Inbarasu specializes in acute and chronic pain management.

He specializes in addressing life-limiting back, joint, neuropathic, postsurgical, cancer-related and other types of pain with medicinal, injectable, electrical, surgical and noninvasive treatment approaches.

“We’re always trying to focus on what matters most to the patient,” Dr. Inbarasu said. “For some of my patients, it’s trying to avoid surgery or something more invasive. So oftentimes we start with things that don’t require us to do an injection or a surgery. And if people have already tried those measures, we always have the next step available to them, as well.”

Improving a patient’s functionality and quality of life is the most rewarding part of his job. But doing so with a patient-centered approach – or The Meaning of Care – he said, is the most important part of his job. And he’ll be the first to admit that he can’t do it alone.

“The best part is working as a team to address each patient’s needs individually. I love that I can’t do my job on my own. It really requires the support of everyone that I work with. And at the end of the day, we all get to benefit from really personal interactions with patients.”

When he’s not treating patients, the former “ultimate Frisbee nerd” enjoys being outside as much as possible. He especially enjoys paddle boarding, photography and spending time with his wife, children and dog.