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Methodist Takes Systemwide Approach To Boosting HPV Vaccination Rates

Published: May 5, 2022

Methodist Health System is taking a systemwide approach to efforts to boost HPV vaccination rates in the community with the help of a special designation — and some funding — from the American Cancer Society.

Human papillomavirus causes about 34,800 cancers a year in women and men, but more than 90% of cancers caused by HPV can be prevented by the vaccine. It is recommended as a two-shot regimen for kids ages 11 to 12 but can be given as early as age 9.

Vaccination rates for HPV routinely lag the roughly 90% rates for other shots given to kids at that age, even in Nebraska and Iowa, said Methodist Physicians Clinic pediatrician Dr. Matthew Gibson, pictured above.

“The more people we can get vaccinated for HPV, the less cancers we’re going to have down the road,” Gibson said.

Omaha World-Herald: Methodist takes systemwide approach to boosting HPV vaccination rates