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Metro-Area Doctors Concerned Over Variants and Unvaccinated Children

Published: July 8, 2021

Dr. Jessica Jones with Methodist Hospital said while it feels like most of us are returning to normal, the COVID-19 scene will be just as serious for kids.

"You are going to have kids confined in a room, unvaccinated with this new variant, we can see a lot of kids come down with COVID-19," Dr. Jones said.

That's because those 11-and-younger can't get vaccinated yet. So what do you do?

Jones said wearing masks will again be extremely important, in hopes of limiting the spread in classrooms full of unvaccinated kids.

"I just worry that you're going to have tons of elementary schools that are just remote, and that defeats the whole purpose," Jones said.

She said one thing you can do is make sure all of your family members that can get vaccinated are doing so.

KETV reached out to Pfizer to see exactly when they'll get results from that trial and when we could potentially see those shots going into the arms of kids under 12.

"Our phase 2/3 study is still underway and we hope to have initial results by September. Based on favorable outcomes, we could apply for an emergency use authorization following so but cannot speculate on when regulatory agencies may determine an outcome," Pfizer said.

KETV: Metro-Area Doctors Concerned Over Variants and Unvaccinated Children