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Nebraska Methodist College Announces New PPOTD Program

Published: Jan. 12, 2021

This month, Nebraska Methodist College rolled out its new Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate (PPOTD) program. Students will be able to balance work and familial obligations with the 100% online format. Those with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in occupational therapy will develop lifelong skills to promote interpersonal relationships, communicate effectively, apply critical reasoning skills, exhibit leadership characteristics and more.

“The program gives occupational therapists the opportunity to expand their education,” said Deb Carlson, president and CEO of Nebraska Methodist College. “With this doctorate, students’ career opportunities expand into leadership and education as well as practice.”

The PPOTD program will offer two tracks: clinical leadership and OT educator. Both tracks will have core curriculum, each including courses geared toward becoming a health care leader in a multidisciplinary environment; or for those who wish to pursue a path of becoming an academic OT educator.

“Occupational therapists will have the flexibility to continue working while advancing their professional aspirations,” said Emily Barr, occupational therapy associate professor at Nebraska Methodist College. “We are preparing professionals for careers of the future and developing skills for prospective health care leaders and qualified occupational therapy educators.”

Classes will begin the Fall 2021 semester, with a registration deadline of April 15.