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Nebraska Nurses Exhausted and Frustrated With Unvaccinated COVID Patients

Published: Aug. 30, 2021

The recent surge in COVID-19 infections has left Nebraska nurses and doctors exhausted, dismayed about the level of distrust in vaccinations and science, and devastated that even healthy, younger patients are dying.

Even though hospitalizations for the coronavirus haven’t hit the peak of late November, the dramatic rise in patients has been more draining and discouraging this time around because many of the serious infections and deaths could have been prevented by simply getting a free vaccination.

“Whenever we hear, here’s another patient with COVID coming into the hospital, it’s just a let down,” said Dr. Jessica Jones (shown above), an infectious disease specialist at Omaha-based Methodist Health System. “We feel like a lot of this is unnecessary.”

Omaha World-Herald: Nebraska nurses exhausted and frustrated with unvaccinated COVID patients