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NMC Recognized For Community Engagement Efforts

Published: March 17, 2015

OMAHA  -  Nebraska Methodist College (NMC) is pleased to announce its recent receipt of a classification designed to highlight those colleges and universities that have fostered partnerships at the local level.

The 2015 Community Engagement Classification hails from the Carnegie Foundation, an organization dedicated to the improvement of all facets of higher learning.  In receiving this distinction, NMC joins the ranks of the 361 schools from around the country that have showcased their commitment to working together with officials and organizations within their respective communities.   

The University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center are the only other institutions within the state to earn a spot on the list for 2015.

“The Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation and other distinctions the college has garnered, such as the President’s Award for Community Service, are a testament to the success we’ve had over the past 125 years,” said Dr. Dennis Joslin, president and chief executive officer of Nebraska Methodist College

For NMC, this signifies the college’s unwavering commitment to Omaha.  The college constantly seeks input from the community and offers resources aimed at improving wellness and education within Nebraska.

Nebraska Methodist College doesn’t take its role in the community lightly,” Dr. Joslin said. “Although educating persons within the healthcare field remains our primary goal, NMC is also dedicated to a number of projects designed to foster prosperity and healthy living in the Omaha area. We will continue to coordinate our efforts with others throughout Nebraska for the betterment of the community, higher education and the local healthcare industry for years to come.”

To learn more about the many projects that Nebraska Methodist College is working on at the local level, individuals are encouraged to visit