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Pulmonologist Michael Sanley, MD, Joins Methodist Physicians Clinic

Published: May 14, 2021

Now seeing patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic, pulmonologist Michael Sanley, MD, is honored to join a “friendly organization with a real collegial atmosphere," he said of Methodist Health System.

The Meaning of Care, to me, is when everything is about the patient,” he said. “Care is the focus. A patient-centered approach is the most important part.”

Dr. Sanley knew in high school that he wanted to pursue a career in health care.

He originally wanted to be a cardiologist, but he switched his specialty about halfway through residency after gaining more exposure to critical care medicine.

“We get to be there for the patient when they’re at their sickest,” he said. “People are very vulnerable when we’re taking care of them, and that allows us to really make a big impact on their life.”

That impact he has on his patients – many of whom are battling pulmonary hypertension, one of his primary clinical interests – is by far the best aspect of his job, he said. He especially enjoys the “therapeutic partnership” he builds with each of them.

“When I can see a patient in the clinic, and I’ve helped them breathe better so they can go out more, do more, see grandkids at their baseball games and what have you – helping patients have a better day-to-day life – that’s very rewarding.”

A lot of Dr. Sanley’s free time is spent playing with and taking care of his three rescue dogs. He also enjoys golfing.