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Scoular Foundation Donates $250K to Support Methodist Community Counseling Program

Published: June 28, 2023

Methodist Health System is proud to announce a new partnership with Scoular that will bolster mental health care services to youths and adults throughout the Omaha community.

The Scoular Foundation has donated $250,000 to Methodist Hospital Foundation to support the Methodist Community Counseling Program. The program offers counseling services to students in each middle school, high school and alternative program in Omaha Public Schools and to community members at locations across Omaha, including all three of Metro Community College’s campuses.

The partnership is the latest example of Scoular’s innovative efforts to support mental health services in the communities where its employees live and work. The donation is intended to help address what experts are calling an unprecedented mental health crisis, driven significantly by a lack of access to trained providers. In April, Scoular announced that its foundation had provided $250,000 to Boys Town for a similar partnership.

“There is a tremendous need in our community for access to quality mental health care, and Scoular is proud that we can be part of the solution, both for our employees and the broader community,” said Scoular CEO Paul Maass.

The Methodist Community Counseling Program was the first of its kind in the Omaha area and has served the community for over 27 years. The program’s licensed mental health practitioners are dedicated to confidentially helping clients improve their quality of life by addressing unique mental health and emotional challenges, such as depression, anxiety, family issues, trauma and grief. In addition to working in schools, counselors are available in churches and community centers throughout Omaha, and they can provide services via telehealth.

“More than ever, it’s vital that these services are available to all who need them,” said Tracy Madden-McMahon, president and CEO of Methodist Hospital Foundation. “We’re beyond grateful to the Scoular Foundation for its commitment to supporting the Omaha community. By paying it forward, the Scoular Foundation is helping us ensure that no client is turned away due to an inability to pay.”

Scoular employs 160 people at its global headquarters in Omaha and 1,400 worldwide. Its foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life in the communities where Scoular employees work and live.