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Study: Pregnant Women May Have Higher Risk of Complications Due to COVID-19

Published: April 6, 2020

Dr. Emily Patel of Methodist Women's Hospital takes care of high-risk pregnant mothers and is researching COVID-19 every day.

"The biggest unknown is what this impact will be on our early pregnancy patients because we haven't seen it long enough to look at the data yet. We don't know how its affecting those in the first and second trimester," Patel explained.

Patel said a pregnant woman who gets COVID-19 could have more severe infections or complications than a COVID-19 patient who is not pregnant.

"There is some immune suppression that happens in pregnancy, and that's the reason that we often see women get more sick from viral illnesses," Patel said.

KETV: Pregnant women may have higher risk of complications due to COVID-19, according to study