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'We're Busier Now Than We've Ever Been': Methodist Fremont Health Stretched Thin by COVID-19 Patients

Published: Dec. 15, 2021

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, Methodist Fremont Health President and CEO Brett Richmond said the hospital is stretched thin.

“At any point in the last two years, we’re busier now than we’ve ever been, even more so than we were last November and December,” he said.

The hospital system is experiencing its largest influx of COVID-19 patients since late 2020, and the heavy load is taking a toll on its workers.

“So often we are asking our staff to work extra shifts, and so many of them are right now working extra hours and even four to five 12-hour shifts per week to meet that demand,” Chief Nursing Officer Melinda Kentfield said. “And it’s from all areas we’re asking people to work more.”

Fremont Tribune: Methodist Fremont Health stretched thin by COVID-19 patients