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$16.3 Million Expansion Underway To Enhance Care at Methodist Women’s Hospital

Published: Nov. 16, 2022

In an effort to create more space for women in need of medical and surgical care, Methodist Women’s Hospital is undergoing a $16.3 million expansion.

The hospital attracts families from a five-state region and is home to dedicated providers that deliver nearly 5,000 babies annually. Almost 800 of those babies require more specialized care from the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), which often uses adult care areas of the hospital for patient overflow. This limits valuable space for women in need of labor and delivery, surgical, and cancer care services.

As part of the hospital expansion, 14 rooms are being added to the area’s busiest NICU, allowing Methodist’s team of women’s health experts the time and space to care for more patients.

“We are humbled by the fact that more and more families are choosing Methodist to help them navigate the complexities of high-risk pregnancy and delivery,” said Josie Abboud, president and CEO of Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital. “But providing critical care for our smallest patients is only part of what we do, and this expansion is a testament to all women and families.”

The expansion, which is part of a Methodist Hospital Foundation campaign, is aimed at enhancing care for all women and at every stage of their lives.

The For All Women campaign also includes:

  • New technology, including a virtual NICU communication platform
  • Increased medical education and training to meet a growing gap in specialized medical care for women in smaller communities
  • Enhanced support for underserved patients

“Every woman deserves individualized, compassionate health care throughout her lifetime,” said Tracy Madden-McMahon, president and CEO of Methodist Hospital Foundation. “To increase access at every stage – from adolescent through pregnancy, midlife and beyond – Methodist Women’s Hospital has to grow, too.”

The Methodist Women’s Hospital expansion is slated for completion by the end of 2023. To learn more about the campaign and help strengthen health care for all women in our region, visit or call (402) 354-4825.