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The Core of What We Do: Social Worker Kristin Johnson Is Dedicated to Helping New Moms and Babies

Published: June 22, 2023

In “The Core of What We Do,” you’ll learn more about Methodist’s core service lines – primary care, oncology, cardiology, women’s health and orthopedics/surgical services – and the people whose dedication makes them so impactful for our communities. To explore career opportunities at Methodist, visit bestcare.org/jobs.


Kristin Johnson, CSW
Medical Social Worker
Methodist Fremont Health and Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center


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Women's Health

Why is your work so important to Methodist and the community? 

Generally, when people think of a hospital, they think of a place to get medical attention for their physical health. Social workers give patients the chance to have all aspects of their lives assessed and to get assistance in living healthy lifestyles. Social workers in the hospital setting are also focused on the social determinants of health, which have a major impact on the person’s health. We can connect people to resources that provide food assistance, rent and utility assistance, mental health services, and numerous other services. Social workers contribute to The Meaning of Care by being passionate about our patients and having a commitment to ensure they are physically, mentally and emotionally cared for. 


Tell us about your role.

My focus is on patients receiving perinatal care – the time leading up to and after birth. I meet with patients at Methodist Fremont Health on our labor and delivery floor, and I also meet patients at the Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center in Fremont. 

I often coordinate with the OB nurse navigator in assessing patients, and we work together to ensure that patients have all the support and resources needed in prenatal care. I’m also focused on respectful maternity care and advocating for patients. I want them to feel their voices are heard in their medical decisions. At the hospital, I work with new parents to ensure they have the items they need for a newborn to go home, such as car seat and crib. 

Throughout patients’ perinatal care, I’m often referring them to community resources or agencies to help meet their needs – such as mental health services, transportation resources, United Way and the Fremont Family Coalition. It’s all about setting them up to be successful parents.

I also work with Methodist Fremont Health’s radiation oncology clinic. I spend time meeting with each patient receiving radiation services and completing a psychosocial distress screening. I discuss how their treatment is going and assist them with any financial or other resources.


What do you enjoy most about your team/colleagues?

What I enjoy the most is seeing the passion in their work and how much each person cares for our patients. Whether it’s a nurse, lab tech, receptionist, doctor, language services staff member or anyone else, they all have a vital role in ensuring that the patient is getting the care they need. 


Can you tell us about a memorable moment?

One moment that sticks out is working with a woman during her prenatal care and seeing how many positive changes she made from her first trimester to delivery. I met with her numerous times – listening to her, referring her to mental health services and seeing that she had all the resources wrapped around her to ensure that she and her newborn would have a safe and healthy outcome. By the end of the pregnancy, she was a completely different person and had such a positive outlook on life. I commended her for her hard work and informed her of how much progress she had made. Moments like that – working with a patient for several months and seeing the positive changes they’ve achieved – mean the most to me. 


Why did you come to Methodist, and why have you stayed?

I started my journey at Methodist during my college career. I spent over 400 hours at Methodist Fremont Health as a student to complete my bachelor’s degree in social work. After graduating, I transitioned to a job in the child welfare system. About a year after leaving as a student, I had the opportunity to come back to Methodist as a full-time social worker. I was immediately excited because I had enjoyed my time here, assisting patients and seeing how caring and friendly each employee was. I’ve stayed at Methodist because I feel like I’m making a positive difference in patients’ lives. I also love the sense of community within the system. Methodist Fremont Health is such a welcoming environment, and each person I encounter has the same positive attitude toward helping others. 


What’s the best thing about your role at Methodist?

The best thing about my role is being able to assist people. I have the ability to help people in many different ways, whether it’s sitting and listening during a hard time, assessing their needs for community resources and making that connection or even checking in with my coworkers to ensure they’re also doing well.


What do you enjoy outside of your time at Methodist?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends. I’m also enrolled in my final semester at the University of Nebraska Omaha to obtain my master’s in social work and dedicate time outside of work to this.