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Photo of Josie Harper

About Harper's Hope

Josie Harper, the late wife of former ConAgra President Mike Harper, was a beloved wife and mother who lost her life to lung cancer. A special gift from The Harper Family Foundation established Harper’s Hope at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center in Omaha, Nebraska to honor Josie and provide support services which will make a lasting difference to cancer survivors in the Omaha community.

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Your Resource for Support Programs

Harper’s Hope offers services to help improve cancer survivors' quality of life. Services, made possible through a generous contribution to Methodist Hospital Foundation, are available to all cancer survivors at any stage of the cancer journey and regardless of where treatment was received. No one will be denied access due to the inability to pay.

Patient Vicki Brink meets with Oncology Physicians Assistant Becky Childers, PA-C, at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center
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Counseling and Behavioral Health
Counseling services for patients and family members dealing with the emotional challenges that may accompany a cancer diagnosis.
Hereditary Cancer Risk Program
Hereditary cancer risk assessments help patients understand their potential risk for developing cancer and steps they can take to help reduce that risk.
Inner Beauty
A specialty salon for cancer survivors staffed by clinical cosmetologists and certified mastectomy fitters that create comprehensive, individualized appearance plans.
Nutritional consultation with a certified clinical oncology dietitian who provides eating tips, recipes and help with supplements.
Physical Wellness
In-person and virtual physical wellness classed tailored specifically for cancer survivors.
Social Services
Counseling and other services that may help reduce stress throughout all phases of cancer.
Support Groups
Our cancer support community in Omaha and surrounding communities aims to help you and your loved ones cope with and understand your diagnosis.
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Continuing the Legacy of Caring

A special gift from The Harper Family Foundation made the creation of Harper's Hope possible. If you would like to share your time, talent or treasure with cancer survivors, there are two ways you can help:

Faces of Hope

The Faces of Hope Gallery, exhibited at the Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, features stories of our patients' strength and courage as they battled and conquered cancer. Read their stories below:

Faces of Hope - Ernie Brenneis

Ernie Brenneis

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Thumbnail of Multiple Myeloma Survivor Jim Deupree

Jim Deupree

Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Faces of Hope - Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen

Kidney Cancer Survivor

Photo of Pat Hastings, Cancer Survivor with Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center

Pat Hastings

Breast, Ovarian and Metastatic Lung Cancer Survivor

Cropped photo of Jessica Hunter Guerrero, a Melanoma Survivor

Jessica Hunter Guerrero

Melanoma Survivor

Cropped photo of Margie Johnson

Margie Johnson

Sinus Cancer Survivor

Faces of Hope - Marcy Jameson

Marcy Jameson-Plautz

Colorectal Cancer Survivor

Photo of Sandy Krupka

Sandy Krupka

Recurring Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Faces of Hope - Breast Cancer Survivor Julia Laursen

Julia Laursen

Breast Cancer Survivor

Cropped photo of Steve Malcolm

Steve Malcolm

Lung Cancer Survivor

Faces of Hope - Jon McAlpin

Jon McAlpin

Prostate and Intestinal Cancer Survivor

Faces of Hope - Brian Niedzwiecki

Brian Niedzwiecki

Testicular Cancer Survivor

Cropped photo of Lorie Olson

Lorie Olson

Endometrial and Brain Cancer Survivor

Cropped photo of Marge Ostgaard

Marge Ostgaard

Cervical Cancer Survivor

Faces of Hope - Leslie Peterson

Leslie Peterson

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor

Faces of Hope - Leah Reineke

Leah Reineke

Fallopian Tube Cancer Survivor

Cropped photo of Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor

Faces of Hope - Ron Sindelar

Ron Sindelar

Oropharyngeal Cancer Survivor

Photo of Face of Hope Crystal Slaughter

Crystal Slaughter

Breast Cancer Survivor

Faces of Hope - Brandy Sonier

Brandy Sonier


Cropped portrait of Cheryl Stevens

Cheryl Stevens

Breast Cancer Survivor

Cropped photo of Matthew Twit

Matthew Twit

Brain Cancer Survivor

Cropped image of Steve Wiemeyer

Steve Wiemeyer

Laryngeal Cancer Survivor

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