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Nutrition Services

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, proper nutrition is essential to treatment and recovery.
Call for an appointment or to learn more about our nutrition services.

Why Methodist?

A cancer diagnosis can be life altering and impact many aspects of your life – including nutrition. But you’re not alone. Our registered oncology dietitians will walk you through a comprehensive, individualized plan designed to promote healing, improve your quality of life and minimize the potentially unpleasant side effects of treatment.

Our team is trained to provide expert guidance throughout your cancer journey, from the time of diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. This may include assistance with:

  • Consuming adequate protein and calories
  • Staying hydrated
  • Managing your weight (either weight gain or loss)
  • Feeding tubes
  • Following a healthy diet that supports cancer prevention 

At Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, our team works closely with other members of your care team. Our multidisciplinary approach to care gives patients the opportunity to meet with a dietitian the same day as other appointments.

Nutrition Starts In the Kitchen

Photo of Methodist dietitians Gina Woodruff and Krista Skar

Cancer treatment may cause unexpected side effects or changes to how you eat. Foods you previously loved may lose their appeal. Our team can help you find ways to alter the texture or flavor of certain foods so you can continue enjoying your favorites and improve your quality of life. These adjustments can help with any chewing or swallowing challenges.

Through our partnerships with trained culinary experts, including our own executive chef at Methodist Hospital and others from Metropolitan Community College’s culinary program, we’re able to offer cooking demonstrations and a variety of other events.

These fun, engaging events are open to not only cancer patients and survivors but also family and friends who may be joining you during your journey. To view upcoming events, visit our events calendar.

We also provide recipes and additional resources to help meet your unique needs.

Chicken Ragu Polenta ›

Cream of Asparagus Soup ›

  • Proper nutrition can help you maintain strength, combat fatigue and ensure that you’re receiving essential nutrients during and after treatments.

    Additionally, research suggests that at least 42% of new cancer diagnoses are potentially preventable because they are caused by lifestyle choices and environmental exposures. Receiving proper nutrition is one aspect of your journey that our registered oncology dietitians can help you to understand and achieve.

    During your first appointment, your dietitian will ask you basic questions to learn about your cancer journey and experiences with food.

    In addition to providing education about proper nutrition, your dietitian will walk you through any barriers to eating such as loss of appetite, changes in preferences or nausea and maintaining healthy habits throughout your treatment or survivorship. It’s important that we evaluate any existing signs of malnutrition and for possible malnutrition risks.

    If you’re planning to go through cancer therapy, visits will be short but frequent throughout treatment. Consults could last five minutes just to check in or up to an hour if you’re working on more complex nutrition therapy. We have access to a variety of handouts and online resources, which are shared with you at appointments.

    For a handful of diagnoses and treatments, a feeding tube is recommended either out of a functional necessity to maintain nutrition or for increased quality of life.

    In the case that you do need a feeding tube, your dietitian will assist you with any concerns, such as site cleaning, and administering hydration and nutrition through your feeding tube. Our team has access to a variety of resources when it comes to tube feeding supplies and has experience using a variety of formulas and various tube types. We can also help put together a tube feeding schedule to meet nutrition goals.

    Nutrition services are available to all patients free of charge through the Harper’s Hope Cancer Survivorship Program.

Nutrition services at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center are offered as part of the Harper's Hope Cancer Survivorship Program. Financial assistance for Harper’s Hope services is available through Methodist Hospital Foundation. These services are provided to cancer survivors regardless of where they receive treatment.

Nutrition services are also available to oncology patients at Methodist Fremont Health and Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital through Methodist’s nutrition services department. These services in Fremont and Council Bluffs may include additional fees.

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Meet Our Registered Oncology Dietitians

Photo of Krista Skar, Harper's Hope nutritionist

Krista Skar, MS, RDN, LMNT

Registered Oncology Dietitian

Photo of Michelle Spink, RD, LMNT, registered dietitian with Methodist Hospital in Omaha, NE.

Michelle Spink, RD, LMNT

Registered Oncology Dietitian

Headshot of Gina Woodruff, RD, LMNT

Gina Woodruff, RD, LMNT

Registered Oncology Dietitian

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