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Physical Wellness Classes

Staying active during and after cancer treatment is important. With proper pacing and instruction, survivors can enjoy the many health benefits attributed to physical wellness and exercise.
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Why Methodist?

Our in-person and virtual physical wellness classes are taught by a team of licensed physical therapists, recreational therapists and certified yoga instructors. Classes are tailored specifically for cancer survivors.

There is a small fee to participate in physical wellness classes. Fees are collected every six weeks, and payment can be made in person or online. Financial assistance is available through Methodist Hospital Foundation.

No one is turned away due to an inability to pay, and all survivors are welcome.

Available Classes

Methodist offers a wide variety of physical wellness classes, including:


Improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness with this aerobic dance and interval training class.


Massages are available by appointment at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center the first Tuesday of every month. For more information, or to schedule your appointment, call (402) 354-5890.


Focus on reducing stress and relieving chronic pain while improving your sleep and immune function with this meditation class for mind-body wellness.


With an emphasis on breathing exercises, this class is designed to help reduce stress while improving core strength, range of motion and more.

Strength training

Improve bone density, strength, flexibility and balance with gentle exercises and activities. This class focuses on the whole body and uses resistance equipment, including bands and free weights for training.

Tai Chi

This tranquil, low-impact Sun style class will help reduce pain and stiffness while improving strength, balance and flexibility.


Ease tense muscles and improve strength and joint mobility with our gentle, restorative slow flow classes.

Event Calendar

Check our calendar of events for class dates and times.

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Physical Wellness Classes Are Available at These Locations:

You can also join from the comfort of your home with our virtual class options!

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