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Dunklau Gardens Visitor Policy

Visitation Policy

Revised 10/11/2022
  • Visitation is allowed in the facility for all residents.
  • Visitors are to self-screen upon entry to the facility. There will be signage on the core principles of infection control and procedure of what to do if they have been exposed, have s/s of COVID or have had a positive COVID test.
  • When the Dodge county transmission level is RED/HIGH-masking is required in all public areas.  Visitors may choose to unmask when in the resident’s room or a private location.
  • When Dodge county transmission level is NOT HIGH visitors may choose not to mask in public areas.
  • While NOT recommended, residents who are in precautions or quarantine may still receive visitors. Visits will be confined to the resident’s room and should wear a well fitted surgical grade face mask. Visitors will be made aware of the potential risk of visitation and the precautions required during visitation. Adherence to the core principles is expected by all visitors.
  • When a new case of COVID-19 has been identified, either in a staff member or a resident, the facility will continue to proceed into “outbreak” status and continue the defined outbreak testing protocol. Visitors will be allowed in the facility. Signage will be posted at the entrance to the facility to notify all staff and visitors that the facility is currently in “outbreak status” and adherence to the “core principles” is required. Visits should ideally occur in the resident’s room unless this poses an undue risk to the roommate.
  • *Visitors who have a positive test for COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine (meaning they have had a direct exposure to someone with COVID-19) SHOULD NOT enter the facility/