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Safety and Innovations

Methodist Women's Hospital was built with the safety of you and your baby in mind and includes some of the region's most forward-thinking health innovations.  


Many of the hidden safety features at Methodist Women's Hospital are hidden from sight - but easily accessed by our staff. Here are a few of the things you might not have thought of - but we did:

ACLS Certification

Every nurse on staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. ACLS-certified nurses are specially-trained to provide the clinical interventions necessary for urgent treatment of cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies. All Women's Hospital nurses in Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby and High-Risk OB units are also ACLS certified with additional specialty training in the emergency treatment of pregnant or newly delivered women.

Same-sided Room Design

Every mother/baby room is designed with equipment and features in the same place. This design allows staff to quickly access equipment in the same location in every room.

In-room Medical Equipment

Wall cabinets store the labor and delivery procedure and treatment cart, medical supplies, linens and laundry. The equipment, while out of sight, is within easy reach of the staff when needed. High-risk rooms also feature additional equipment concealed behind wall art.

Art With a Purpose

Wall art quickly releases to allow access to oxygen lines and other hidden medical equipment. This means emergency medical supplies are right at hand - but out of the sight of you and your visitors.

Emergency Elevator Call Buttons

Each of the Labor / Delivery rooms have a priority elevator call button. The spacious rooms have been designed to accommodate the members of any code team that might need to respond in the event of an emergency. If the baby must be quickly transferred to another location for a higher level of care, staff can push this in-room button to call and hold an elevator.


Methodist Women's Hospital is the only hospital in the region to offer the following health innovations.  

Dedicated Prep/Recovery Rooms for C-section Families

We have created a facility that allows moms and babies to stay together whenever medically possible, including after most C-sections. Three specially designed prep/recovery rooms are available to C-section families. If mother and baby are stable after delivery, they can recover together in the same room, which is spacious enough to accommodate both of them, their caregivers, the baby warmer and family members eager to meet the newest addition.

Physician Certification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is a technology commonly used in the obstetric setting to assess the baby's well-being during labor. To ensure the highest level of expertise in the use of EFM to keep mother and baby safe, at Methodist Women's Hospital not only have all of our labor and delivery and high risk ob nurses passed the national exam and obtained a certificate of added qualification in EFM, but also every Methodist Health System physician who delivers babies at Methodist Women’s Hospital is certified in this specialty.

Omaha’s Largest OB-GYN Practice

Because we’re dedicated to women’s health, we’re delighted to have the Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center — the largest OB-GYN practice in the metro area — right next door in the attached medical office building. You can come to one campus for all of your gynecological and women’s health needs, including counseling, pelvic pain, sexual wellness, physical therapy and skin renewal services.

West Omaha’s Only Level III NICU

Our 36-bed Level III neonatal intensive care unit, the highest level NICU in west Omaha, alleviates the shortage of beds in the region for at-risk babies. In its first full year of operation, the Methodist Women's Hospital Neonatal ICU was the busiest in the area.